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Infoscan is an offer consisting in remote diagnostics and monitoring of Breathing Disorders During Sleep

It's an innovative solution consisting in outsourcing of BDDS symptoms diagnosis, one ensuring patients' convenience and doctors' time economy.

In Poland, we cooperate on an on-going basis with a few dozen clinics and doctors, who are already taking advantage of the full package of benefits offered by telemedicine and outsourcing of BDDS examination descriptions:

  • patient satisfaction

    fast and easily accessible examinations

  • doctors' time economy

    doctors are provided with processed results and report suggestions

  • development of a modern image

    innovative and simple examination methods, soon to become standard

  • Flexible offer

    equipment rental on a one-off basis → optional subscription

  • Peace of mind and support

    peace of mind and support from Infoscan analysts → call centre available from 08:00 am to 11:30 pm

How does it work?

We cooperate only with clinics and doctors. Our cooperation entails rental of devices to be used by patients for home diagnostics. Our team receives records of physiological parameters collected during the patient's sleep. Next, the doctor is sent an electronic message containing a report suggestion as an easy-to-understand analysis. The whole communication process is safe.

Quick reporting

Within 48 hours, doctors receive processed results and proposals of reports with verbal description.

The multitude of parameters

MED-350 is a device that examines: blood oxygen saturation, heart rate, pulse wave, flow of air through the mouth and nose, chest movement, the movement of the diaphragm, the position of the body and the sounds of snoring.

Remote operation

The doctor gets access to telemedicine platform, accessible from the browser level. It is a system for test planning, performance analysis, and storage of all patient data.

Remote technical surveillance

Infoscan offers remote supervision over the examination between 7:30 am and 11:30 pm. Thanks to TeleCheck technology the remote diagnostics is carried out with 95% efficiency.

Support Call Center

Our consultants provide technical support and assistance to physicians in planning diagnostics and operating the system. We are available daily up to 11:30 pm.

Data storage

The device records the medical parameters during sleep, and transmits the recorded information to the research base. The doctor has access to all test results from the browser level.

Simplicity of use

Clinics no longer have to deal with the implementation of the analysis. The doctor is responsible solely for: planning the analysis, passing the device to the patient and subsequent diagnosis and treatment of the patient.

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