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Infoscan offers simple diagnostics devices that you can use on your own at home.

Worried you might not cope? You needn't be!
This is what you can do to examine yourself and those closest to you in a quick, convenient and, most importantly, reliable manner.

Ask your doctor about an Infoscan device and sleep apnea examination. Do it if you feel symptoms such as abnormal sleepiness, constant tiredness, snoring, problems focusing, nervous tension, and depression. As many as a few dozen Polish clinics regularly use the Infoscan solution.

Arrange an examination date with your doctor. They'll give you an Infoscan set with instructions on how to use it.

You connect your device at home, before you go to sleep. If you aren't sure if you've done everything right - just call our consultant. We're here to help you every day up to 11:30 pm.

The device records your medical parameters during sleep. The recorded information is sent to the examination base.

After a successful examination, make another appointment with your doctor to return the device and consult them about your results. Results are usually available after a few business days. 

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Infoscan is an offer consisting in remote diagnostics and monitoring of Breathing Disorders During Sleep (BDDS). Forget queuing, signing up for medical examinations, and big expenses! Telemedicine is the future - it means convenience, simplicity and knowledge!

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Get the device straight to your doors.

Rent it and do study at a convenient time.

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You can do analysis easily and comfortably.

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